Facebook takes steps to better vet political posts

Political experts fear that false information on social media sites could actually sway votes during the 2020 election. That’s why companies like Facebook are stepping up efforts to stop this. Our North America Bureau Chief TJ Manotoc brings us this report.

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  • Mario
    6 September 2020 at 2:50 am - Reply

    FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, TWEETER, INSTAGRAM, AMAZON, and other Soc. media emerges and became powerful during the OBAMA Admin. They gave 2.5 Million votes to Hillary Clinton. For 2020, it depends on what these Social media benefited from the Trump Admin. GOOGLE CEO S Pichai, was able to get 800,000 blank J-1 working visa for India IT workers, effective next year. AMAZON losses the $10B Pentagon contract to MICROSOFT & the postage discount given by Obama is under question. AMAZON owner of WAPOST will definitely support BIDEN. FACEBOOK is one of the 10 Corp that submitted a $30B-$50B bid for each on TIKTOK and WeCHAT. After China surrender to TRUMP on the US-China phase 1 trade deal, they released COVID19, which brought down the ENTIRE world economy. TRUMP started banning CHINESE Tech Corp, also allow ALL US Corp to buy any Chinese Tech Co, operating in the USA that is making huge profits on the American consumers. If TIKTOK decided NOT to sell, since it is banned in the US effective Sep15 he will lose his 100M US members and cannot survive with 30M foreign members. FBook “REEL” already designed a program to grab his 100M members. This is TRUMP America First Policy.