Exporting handwoven Philippine tribal and artistic goods

by Marieton Pacheco

Narcelie Enderes is thankful for tourists visiting the Kadayawan Village in Davao City.

Not only do they get to showcase their Mangobo Tagabawa tribe culture, they also sell handwoven products to earn a living.

But Enderes hopes to become more than just a tourist attraction.

“Hopefully pag may mga interested parties sana para magkaroon din kami ng income kasi hindi naman talaga stable yung income namin as of now kasi hindi naman hilig yung mga filipino gaya namin sa mga local ng ganitong klaseng material. Medyo frustrating kasi yun sana talaga dapat yung ipu-push, problema kasi wala kaming makuhang market so sana one this days makakuha kami.”

It takes them around 30 minutes to finish a “bayong” or a native bag, which retails for 250-pesos, or 5 bucks.

If given the chance, Enderes says they are capable of doing more.

“Kakayanin para mabuhay. Anyway grupo naman kami hindi individual..Ang mahirap kasi if its individual. Yung sa amin kasi its a group so magkakaroon kami ng isang community na ito talaga ang naka focus para medyo unique din ang dating ang pwedeng pang international yung market natin.”

Local officials are also helping micro-entrepreneurs sell products such as tea, chocolates, handicrafts and more.

These goods are mostly showed to tourists, and in various pasalubong centers across the province.

There is assistance available to those wanting to export products abroad.


“We will cater you and facilitate you in meeting with the producers,” says Joevynar Miedes. “They really need to expand market especially for those micro-entrepreneurs. ”

Aside from product matching, assistance is also available in product enhancement, labeling, packaging and marketing.

There is no minimum size for orders, as they are willing to cater to all types of investors interested in their products.

Officials hope it gives people like Enderes a better chance for a brighter future than what a few pictures with tourists will do.


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