Exploring the charms of Bohol

by Marianne Domingo


Staying at De Grand Resort Bohol is not just about spending time inside a relaxing hotel all day.

Let’s check out some of the many eye-opening sights you can find all over Bohol island!

The crowned jewel of Bohol tourism is the Chocolate Hills. These mounds of marine limestone are colored brown during the dry seasons, but turn a verdant green on cooler days.

What’s next on the list? The small yet wide-eyed tarsiers! Being nearly endangered, these fluffy nocturnals are protected and observed in Bohol’s very own Tarsier Sanctuary.

When lunchtime rolls in, tour the banks of the Loboc River for a sumptuous buffet cruise. Float along the waters where you’ll be treated to many fascinating sights and even a shore-side performance along the way.

Once you’ve filled up your belly, drive and stop by the man-made forest to feel the cool air of the nature all around you.

If you’re more at home in the ocean, an island hopping trip is just the thing! Visit the attractive Balicasag and Virgin Islands while also experiencing a Dolphin Watching tour along the way.

From beautiful landscapes to the diverse animals found all over, travel to Bohol to unwind while enjoying the wonders of this charming island.

Until next time, enjoy your travels.

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