Experiencing the future of virtual reality at CinemaCon 2017

LAS VEGAS, NV — Virtual reality is a new way to experience entertainment. This year at CinemaCon, VR is one of the most talked about experiences on the show floor.

Theater owners and film studios work hand-in-hand to lure moviegoers to what’s the trendiest in advanced entertainment technology: the virtual reality.

Universal Pictures invited folks to go behind the scenes, and experience what it feels like to fly four miles above sea level and be weightless in zero gravity in their new  virtual reality experience based on Universal’s upcoming reboot of “The Mummy,” starring Tom Cruise.

The viewer experiences the feeling of floating from the actions of the seats tilting up and down.

CJ 4DPLEX, a company out of South Korea, unveiled the latest in their lineup of immersive technologies combined with virtual reality.

Their new seats not only move left, right, and side to side, but also sway and twist to the action on-screen and in virtual reality goggles.

They promise to enhance the viewing experiences of action-packed scenes — such as car chases, flying, rolling seas, and space-walking.

“It’s immersive because you are with the gear,” said Maria Chung from CJ 4DPLEX. “You are feeling the motion together so it’s a more immersive experience that you feel. You are in the content.”

Also on display at CinemaCon was the 4DX VR sports bike model, designed to re-create extreme sports such as mountain biking and motorcycling.

Nomadic is an immersive entertainment company that hopes to engage the person in mobile, not just stationary seat.

With their new tactile VR experience, the person can physically maneuver through their story-driven experience, interact with physical objects, and feel the effects of their surroundings.

“The user can actually walk through if you think of yourself being inside of a game, inside of a film;” said Kalon Gutierrez from Nomadic. “They can walk through the space and navigate on their own. And that’s something that’s very different from what folks are doing.”

All of the virtual reality exhibitors at this year’s CinemaCon hope to expand their presence in theaters, shopping malls, resorts, and arcades around the world.


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