Expectations arise as Pope is set to address Congress

WASHINGTON, DC – Much anticipated is the pope’s speech at the joint session of the United States Congress, the first time that a pope will do so.

People are awaiting for the Holy Father’s remarks on issues like Cuba-U.S. relations, the plight of migrants, the so-called evil side of capitalism, climate change and the changing dynamics of the family.

At the media briefing, Vatican spokesperson Fr. Federico Lombardi said, after the pope’s visit to Europe, Asia and Latin America, this U.S. visit comes at the right time. “The pope feels the experience and moral authority to bring answers and questions to the most important assemblies in world today speech in congress and United Nations will be significant,” he said.

While observers are keeping close watch on high-profile events, bishops remind the public of the pope’s key message.  Cardinal Daniel Dinardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston said, “He is coming as shepherd to reach out and rise above what may divide us and be of greater service to another.”

Pope Francis himself summed up the key message that he wants to highlight in his U.S. journey. On the the plane from Cuba to the U.S., he said that this trip, above all, is a pastoral visit to spread the good news of peace to all.

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  • Enigma
    24 September 2015 at 8:18 am - Reply

    This pope is no leader of Christianity, but a socialist in Christian clothing. With Christianity under attack in the United States, and Christians be murdered all over the world he seems to not notice. In the utopian paradise of Cuba he refuses to meet with opposition leaders who are trying to free their people from the poverty , I put pope in small letter because “he ain’t no pope” just another liberal socialist Christian leader accepting the left plantation socialism).

    The pope seems to only care about trashing western civilization, not in preserving the Christian Church (of which the Roman Catholics are just another denomination) and in helping get people out of poverty by building a good free-market society, protecting, and saving the lives, of Christians around the world, and insuring that the fairness he and other socialists cry about is given just as much to those hard working middle class prople as they push for those they claim are poor, who are often poor because of government interference in the free market and to handouts.