Ex-wife of FilAm murder suspect calls for his surrender

CHICAGO – “He thinks my friends have a bad influence on me.”

This is Liane Viane, talking about her estranged husband, Jonathan Viane, who is now the prime suspect in the July 24th killing of Aika Mojica. Aika’s body was dumped at a dike in Zambales. Authorities said the 23-year old was raped and shot twice in the head.

Aika was the best friend of Liane and was reportedly talking to Jonathan on the night she died, trying to convince him to settle his differences with Liane. Liane wanted Jonathan to bring back to the United States their 4 year old son — whom he had brought to the Philippines.

Liane said back in the U.S., they were in the process of filing for divorce. She related, “We were in the mediation process but he never showed up. We were wondering why. Then his lawyer told us that he left for the Philippines with our son.”

Liane’s friends in the Philippines remained in contact with her, including Aika, who had been updating her of Jonathan and their son’s whereabouts. She said, “They’re just really concerned about me, because I’m far away from them.”

According to Liane, the murder happened after a party which included Aika and Jonathan’s girlfriend, Chloe. “That was the last time that I spoke with Aika. She told me she loved me and told me not to worry,” she shared.

When Liane found out from her friends that Aika didn’t come home , she knew something was wrong and knew Jonathan did it. “I knew. Even without the police report, I told my friends to look for Jonathan.”

While family and friends are still mourning Aika’s death, Jonathan remains at large. The Philippine Bureau of Immigration has confirmed that Jonathan flew to Alaska on July 26th.

Jonathan’s alleged accomplice, Nino de Jesus was arrested last week in Zambales and is now in custody.

Liane expressed, “Everybody is hurting. Everybody is in pain. We can’t grieve properly because we’re all thinking of his arrest.”

She has a message for her estranged husband: “Surrender. Enough is enough. Let’s end this.”

Liane said she cannot forgive herself for the death of her best friend. “Every time I think that she’s gone, automatically, I think that it’s because of me.”

The Philippine and U.S. governments are working together to capture Jonathan, as the arrest warrant has already been received by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

If you have any information regarding this case, you are urged to call 911.

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  • Winnie
    18 August 2015 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    Jonathan Ariane. Be brave to face the consequence of your own mistake/action!theres nobody responsible but only. YOU!

  • Winnie
    18 August 2015 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    Jonathan Ariane. You should be brave enough to face the reality!

  • Winnie
    18 August 2015 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    You will forever be haunted by your own mistake/conscience!