Ever wanted to join the FBI? Bureau looks to hire more Asian special agents

The federal government’s top law agency is looking to beef up its force by adding some diversity. Over 37,000 employees work for the FBI, and about 14,000 of them are special agents — however, Asians only make 4 percent of the special agents.

The FBI is hoping to hire more Asian Americans, especially as special agents.

“The FBI is changing, we’re being diverse. Although there are 35,000+ FBI employees, including 15,000 plus special agents, and the rest being professional staff, we have close to 47 percent minority workforce, but unfortunately, the Asian American workforce in the FBI make up less than 10 percent,” says Kay Ko, FBI Community Relations.

Special agents have special requirements, which include at least 2 years of bachelor degree work, a year of master degree work and a clean criminal record, and no drug use.

Candidates would have to undergo a 21-week academy.

And because 20 years of service is needed for retirement, the age limit for special agents is 37 years old.

However, professional staff positions won’t have as many requirements.

The FBI will be holding a recruitment event in Long Beach on May 7th. Registration for that event can be found here:


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