ESPN’s Jalen Rose: “Bring out the walis tingting, tambo”

The Golden State Warriors are returning to the NBA finals, and one ESPN commentator wrote off the team’s opponents with some Filipino style.

“My Filipino family and friends wanted me to bring out the walis walis, tingting tambo,” said commentator Jalen Rose on live television.

Prior to game four of the NBA Western conference finals between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs — former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose brought out a Filipino broom to signal the eventual sweep by the dubs.

Rose has been known to bring out the cleaning tool and speak a little Tagalog, each time a team flawlessly wins a series.

The Warriors await the winner of the Eastern conference finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics.

Cleveland leads the series two games to one, in a best of seven series.


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