Enzo Manzano stages solo protests in New York, saying he can’t handle seeing his homeland being “ruined”

NEW YORK — He stood in silence for 3 hours.

But this solo protester’s message reverberated in Twitter feeds and Facebook posts.

Enzo Manzano wants the world to know that the Philippine government keeps coming up with ways to silence his fellow Filipinos back home.

The 25-year old New York resident is the son of veteran philippine actor Edu Manzano and former model Rina Samson.

He said that while he’s not the type to protest — he felt the need to speak up through his signs, and it caught the attention of people walking by the Philippine Consulate General in New York.

“I just really want to emphasize that, people might think I’m brave, people might say I have a lot of guts for doing this, but honestly it’s just the idea of, I’m not able to handle the idea of my country being ruined.”

It was his second solo protest. Manzano was first sighted at the United Nations headquarters protesting against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration’s so-called attempts to silence critics, especially after veteran journalist Maria Ressa’s libel conviction, the shutdown of the Philippines’ largest media network, ABS-CBN and the passage of the controversial anti-terror bill.

He was also struck by multi-award winning filmmaker Ramona Diaz’s documentary.

“I was able to see ‘A Thousand Cuts’ — that was the turning point.”

Enzo said this got him out of quarantine and out of his NYC apartment to fight for his homeland.

“Seeing what happened in this documentary, what happened to Maria Ressa, how these certain politicians won and how these certain politicians lost in the elections; I really think it’s time to do something.”

Social media posts of his solo protests generated tens of thousands of hits. His UN protest was even carried by Vice News.

“I believe people sometimes in the Philippines people have a hard time taking actions, especially when they feel like they’re gonna be alone doing it… so this way I hope I can show them, even if you’re by yourself, you can still protest.”

Enzo said his parents support his solo protests, which he said could continue. He hopes this will have a ripple effect and lead to a tsunami of support in his fight for human rights, press freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

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