Emily Bautista and Red Concepcion’s dreams come true in “Miss Saigon”

LOS ANGELES — After playing Eponine in Les Miserables, and now playing the lead role of Kim in the “Miss Saigon” U.S. national tour, actress Emily Bautista says she’s living her dream.

In 2017, she first joined Miss Saigon in broadway where she started in the ensemble and as a Kim understudy.

It took her 10 auditions to get in and a six-hour commute each time, but her perseverance paid off.

She says it was the support of Fred and Angie Bautista, her parents, that made the difference.

In the future, the actress hopes to also be in other critically acclaimed shows that celebrate diverse talents like Hamilton and Hadestown.

Her fellow lead star, Red Concepcion, is also earning praises for his portrayal of the Engineer.

“Very fantastic show, it’s spectacular, it’s a lot of heart but also this version is a little bit more gritty. It really makes an effort to, along with the same revival, it’s coming to you but direct from Broadway, it makes an effort to show the dark side of war.”

“Miss Saigon” performances continue at the Pantages theater until August 11.

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