Elizabeth Warren ends presidential bid, stays mum on endorsement

CAMBRIDGE, MA — After a disappointing finish on Super Tuesday, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced that she is dropping out of the race for the White House.

Speaking to reporters outside her home, she expressed her gratitude to all those who believed in her.

Warren confirmed that she spoke to the top two contenders in the Democratic race — former vice president Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

But she didn’t talk about her endorsement just yet.

Warren looked back on her campaign — by saying that she really thought a candidate like her, who took a different track than the frontrunners stood a chance.

Based on the latest projections from CBS News, Biden is in the lead with 584 delegate votes, with Sanders now trailing him with 509 delegates.

Bloomberg — who dropped out of the race this week — came in third with 41, and Warren at fourth with 40.

The winner would need 1,991 delegates to seal the Democratic nomination, if this is not achieved, then the super delegates will have to step in and decide.

But on Wednesday night, Sanders said on MSNBC that he does not want that to happen and revealed that if Biden gets plurality of pledged delegates, meaning he may have the lead in total votes but not in delegates, he will concede to Biden to make sure it does not go the route of the super delegates.

Sanders insisted that it would be a mistake if the candidate who won the most votes didn’t get selected.

On March 10, six states will hold primaries — Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington.

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