Election officials encourage mail-in voting to avoid voter suppression

With just two weeks to go before election day, early voting projections show Democrats with a big edge over Republicans. NBC News’ early voting tracker shows half of close to 30 million votes cast have come from Democratic-affiliated voters, 14.2 million compared to Republican-affiliated voters casting 10.1 million. In this report by Don Tagala, we find out more about record turnout in early voting and what officials are telling voters to make sure their ballots are protected.

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  • Mario
    21 October 2020 at 1:49 am - Reply

    70% of FLORIDA voters on mail-in voting, the first day of mail-in Ballots count, TRUMP is leading, BIDEN needs 650K votes, to catch up. In Miami, a super DEMS majority, and Dems control County turned RED. If this number continues, it will be mathematically impossible for DEMS to outperform GOP. They speculated the GOP control County with mail-in ballots is enough for TRUMP to win FLORIDA, even without Nov 3 election. DEMS pull out their resources and move it to Pennsylvania. DEMS on the DEFENSIVE, they are now going to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada N.Carolina, Georgia. The DEMs are LOSING in MI and WI, in Mail-in Ballots, GOP strategy is to continue “Knocking the door”. Suburban women want peace and security Dems turning, defunding the police, backfire. Saw how BLM, burned, loot business establishment & Black Beauty Salon. TRUMP RALLY in Pennsylvania, lines of supporters are in record-setting. I watch at YOUTUBE: “Trump rally 10/20/20” click on RSBN, no censorship . Bernie Sanders, OBAMA in Philadelphia Wednesday, TRUMP to North Carolina tomorrow,