Election integrity: How Democratic leaders plan to protect ballots

As election day draws closer, one question remains, can ballots be kept safe and secure during this pandemic? Steve Angeles tells us how one DNC panel is looking at the integrity of the upcoming presidential election.

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  • Mario
    21 August 2020 at 8:54 pm - Reply

    ELECTION day is Nov 3, TRUMP not interested in the $25B that Democrat requested for USPS. TRUMP said USPS will increase the postage fee to upgrade their equipment. Trump also questioned USPS, why there is Postage Discount to AMAZON, Jeff BEZOS is the richest man in the world. Said it was OBAMA regime that give $1.65 per package discount, going to whom?. The Postmaster-General said there will be NO CHANGES not until after the November election. The $3.5B for Universal Mail-in Ballot was NOT approved, meaning NO more UNIVERSAL MAIL-IN BALLOTS, only ABSENTEE MAIL-IN Ballot. You have to apply for the Absentee ballot, a questionnaire will be given and signatures of witnesses are included. Then absentee ballot will be mailed to you and the same witness will sign before dropping into the mail. Because of the election protests on ballot harvesting, there will be a delay to declare the winner. If there will be NO declared winner after December 2020. The Speaker of the House NANCY PELOSI will be the PRESIDENT.