Election commissioner says to ensure votes count, send mail-in ballots early

As the United States presidential election heats up, so does the battle over the country’s postal service and its critical role in delivering mail-in ballots. Fil-Am Election Commissioner Joshua Ang Price told Balitang America one way to ensure your vote counts is to send in mail-in ballots early.

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  • Mario
    19 August 2020 at 12:32 am - Reply

    The Dems asked for $3.5T, Trump countered for $1 T, TRUMP will NOT Bail-Out States, City and Town that was burned, looted and destroyed by BLM and Antifa in cahoots with Dems radical Governor, Mayor, and leaders. Dems are willing to reduce from 3.5T to 2T but asked for $25B for Post Office budget and $3.5Billion for Universal Mail-In Ballots. Trump will agree on Democrat offer, also made a counteroffer of,(1) $3500 direct deposit-Stimulus to all residence for a family of 4. (2)Additional $400M SBA, PPP loan (3)Eviction extension and Rental Assistance (4) $105 Billion given to States (a) to open School to buy PPE, Mask, etc.(b) To fund the Police, Firefighter, and Teachers. (5)Payroll Tax deduction until December (6) Deferred payment for Student Loan. All TRUMP demand is ON HOLD by the Democrat. TRUMP said will not fund $25B PostOffice, No funding for UNIVERSAL Mail-in Ballots, only funding for ABSENTEE Mail-in Ballot. Which means “go out and vote at the PRECINT booth, on election day.