“Election 2020 is a fight for the soul of America”, Fil-Ams for Biden head says

To expand their base, Filipino Americans for Biden have aligned with Republicans who are voting blue. Many of them were inspired by George Conway’s Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans who turned their backs on what they now call the party of Donald Trump.

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  • Mario
    10 August 2020 at 10:21 pm - Reply

    August 10, 2016, Hillary Clinton, with a VP, was campaigning and leading 14 points on all POLL SURVEYs against TRUMP. Today, Aug 10, 2020, BIDEN, no VP, not campaigning is leading for 11 pts on most of the POLL Survey, while TRUMP on TV every day. Possible VP for Biden are SUSAN RICE, K HARRIS, or another BLACK Female. HC was defeated during the 2016 election because DEMS rigged the Primary and Bernie SANDERS loyal leftist Democrat stayed home and did not vote. 2020 might be another repetition of the 2016 election if Bidens VP is NOT a LEFTIST Democrat, they will NOT vote and will stay home. 2018 election, the DEMS control the HOUSE and brought N Pelosi because GOP was overconfident due to a strong economy, and EIGHT(8) Million GOP did not vote. TRUMP requested for 4 Debate, with 1 debate this August, but BIDEN and the media are trying to postpone the debate. GOP said BIDEN is scared to FACE TRUMP on a debate and defeated Clinton who is much smarter debater than Biden.