Elderly Pinoy couple says saving life of landlord not enough to stop eviction

SAN FRANCISCO – Members of the community gathered outside the San Francisco Court House Monday morning in support of an elderly, Filipino-American couple who are facing eviction from the room they were renting in the Ingleside district.

Remy and Robertson Bautista were living with their landlord and fellow kababayan Lucia Maliwat in a single family home.

This past February Maliwat fell to the floor after suffering from a stroke.

The Bautista’s immediately called 911 and helped save her life.

But Maliwat’s daughter Geraldine Luna who lives in San Diego decided to move her mother there to care for her.

10 days after her mother’s death scare Luna hired a lawyer to serve the Bautista’s an eviction notice advising them they had 30 days to vacate.

“It’s hard. We can’t sleep,” said Remy. “We’re always thinking why did it happen to us? If we weren’t there, her mother would have been dead.”

The Bautista’s are now fighting to stay in the home by filing a wrongful eviction case against their landlord.

The Bautista’s say Luna’s lawyer, Attorney Daniel Bornstein, argues that they were hired as caregivers to Maliwat making them evict-able at will.

But the Bautista’s deny they were hired as caregivers. They say they were just tenants who cared enough to help their landlord.

Advocates say with the high cost of rent in the city and while their wrongful eviction case gets dragged in court the Bautista’s could become homeless.

“The landlady wants to evict them so she can rent the house at market rate,” said Tony Robles of Senior Disability Action. The Bautista’s have applications out for housing that they filled out four, five years ago. To put them out in the current housing market, to evict them is inhumane.”

Balitang America did come in contact with Maliwat and her daughter; however, they declined to give a comment at this time.

You may contact Rommel Conclara at rommel_conclara@abs-cbn.com for more information.

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  • Kenikeni
    19 August 2015 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    Landlord is greedy!! SMH