Edward Snowden makes appeal for Canada to take in more refugees who aided him in Hong Kong

TORONTO — A week after refugee Vanessa Rodel and her daughter arrived in Canada, American fugitive Edward Snowden appeared on CBC News, appealing for Canada to take in the remaining five refugees who helped him in Hong Kong.

Snowden adds, there is a reason why Canada is taking its time on the matter.

“I believe and everyone else believes, the only process this process for admission  is taking so long is simply because the Canadian govt is bending over backwards not to create an appearance that might irritate the United States government.”

In Montreal, meantime, a hockey game fundraising night to welcome two of the seven Snowden refugees, Filipina Vanessa Rodel and daughter Keana.

The hockey game night was organized by non-profit group “For the Refugees” to help raise needed funds for mother and daughter to start their new life in Canada.

Rodel, a former domestic helper in HK, sheltered Snowden in 2013, hiding his passport in her fridge.

“I wanted to help him. And for me, he’s a hero, he’s not doing anything wrong. He just does the right thing,” she said.

For the Refugees continues to ask the public for donations to help Snowden refugees fight deportation in Hongkong and relocate to Canada. You can visit www.fortherefugees.com for more info.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    9 April 2019 at 2:04 am - Reply

    The typical cultural Marxism here is that people or the media like to sensationalize controversial issues that implicated Snowden and it does not matter what our nation’s laws say, go ahead Canada, accept refugees that aided criminal like Snowden. The Christmas song says, let it snow, let it snow….