Edmonton robbery suspect found guilty of first-degree murder of Pinoy man

EDMONTON, CANADA — Justice has been served for a slain Pinoy killed during a convenience store robbery in December 2015.

Colton Steinhauer was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of Ricky Cenabre and Karanpal Bhangu.

Both Banghu and Cenabre were store clerks for two different Mac’s convenience stores in southeast Edmonton.

Reports say that Steinhauer was with a friend, Laylin Delorme, and a 13-year old boy during the robbery, with Delorme carrying a gun and Steinhauer with a large bladed weapon.

According to the ongoing investigation, Delorme handed the gun to Steinhauer, who then shot Cenabre.

In June 2018, Delorme was found guilty under two counts of first-degree murder.

Both Delorme and Steinhauer have been sentenced to life.

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