Easter vacation turned tragic for Las Vegas Fil-Am family

LAS VEGAS – A Fil-Am family in Las Vegas is grieving and seeking for justice over a tragic accident caused by a drunk driver.

The accident occurred in Visalia, Calif. over the weekend that took the life of 10-year-old Jamie Espinosa and her lola Angelita Espinosa.

Friends and family of the Espinosas are still in a state of shock as it was supposed to be a fun-filled Easter Sunday, but for the Espinosas, their road trip back to Las Vegas after visiting Yosemite National Park turned tragic.

The Espinosa family stopped in Porterville, Calif., 71 miles southeast of Fresno to meet with family and friends for the holiday.

Just before reaching their destination, their vehicle was struck by a suspected drunk driver, 25-year-old Cheyenne Wyllie.

“Jamie is such a sweet girl,” said family friend Sheila Jareno. “She likes to hug, play and joke around.”

Jamie’s dad George, who was driving, is still in a Fresno hospital fighting for his life while his wife Charlotte, who was seated in the passenger seat suffered from minor injuries.

Family friend Zandy Sam said George has been out of surgery and is still recuperating.

“They stented his aorta,” said Sam. “He has a punctured lung, broken ribs, his pelvic is fractured.”

Jareno added that Charlotte Espinosa is feeling numb.

“She doesn’t know how to feel,” she said. “She’s not grieving yet. She keeps herself strong in such a way that she could give support to George.

The crash was reported to be near Spacey Drive and Ave. 200 in the City of Visalia.

In a report by the California Highway Patrol, Wyllie failed to yield at a stop sign, striking the Espinosa family’s Honda Pilot on the driver’s side.

CHP arrested Wyllie after she was treated at the local hospital for a minor injury. She was charged with DUI with injury suspect.

Wyllie was booked that Saturday night but by Sunday afternoon was already out on a $100,000 bail bond.

Now the family and friends of the Espinosas are calling on the community to demand justice for Lola Angelita’s and Jamie’s life–two lives that were taken away from them too soon.

“Really, you get discharged just like that in a snap, just like that?” said Jareno. “Where in fact in a snap you took two beautiful lives. We want justice to prevail.”

Meanwhile, friends and family of the Espinosas put up a GoFundMe campaign to help support the bereaving family.

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