East Coast Filipino activists plan to attend U.S. congressional hearing addressing into human rights concerns

Dozens of members of the Malaya Movement took to the streets to send a message to the Trump administration and Washington D.C. to stop sending U.S. taxpayer money to fund President Duterte’s ongoing war on drugs.

These activists have been pushing for a congressional hearing to stop U.S. aid to the Philippine military and police, and lobbied lawmakers to support a House and Senate resolution to free political prisoner, senator Leila de Lima, a known critic of Duterte.

The House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Asia, the pacific and nonproliferation will hold a hearing on the human rights situation in the Philippines on july 25th.

These developments come following the United Nations’ passing of a resolution that calls for a thorough probe into alleged abuses committed under the Duterte administration.

Heavy rain didn’t stop members of the Malaya movement from protesting at the Philippine consulate.

“All over the world we are coming together to unite against Duterte,” said one protestor.

Meanwhile, U.S. Pinoys for Good Governance national chair Loida Nicolas Lewis accused Duterte of treason.

She said the Duterte – Xi Jin Ping joint exploration of the West Philippine sSa violates the Philippine constitution, which only allows this if the Philippines gets 60 percent ownership.

“Duterte is giving them the chance to explore together, 50/50, that’s against the constitution, that is not only treachery, that is treason, we accuse president Duterte of treason.”

In his state of the nation address, Duterte said that while the Philippines “owns” a disputed area of the West Philippine Sea, the chinese controls the waters.

China reportedly has guided missiles positioned on artificial islands that can reach Manila in less than 10 minutes.

Duterte’s Fil-Am critics, who are against his soft stance on China among other issues, said they plan to attend the congressional hearing in Washington D.C. this Thursday — hoping international pressure would put an end to what they call problematic policies of the Duterte administration.

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