Unusually cold weather hits the East Coast

JERSEY CITY, NJ – Heavy snowfall has blanketed much of the Midwest, and it has spilled into the South over the weekend, causing some road accidents on snowy highways and interstates.

While the big chill was blamed on the “polar vortex” – the buzz word from last winter’s deep freeze – meteorologists say it’s just a regular cold front this time.

Weather experts explain the polar vortex is an upper level air circulation that stays around the poles, and a lobe or part of the polar vortex slipped down and hit the US last January.

The unusually cold weather had kababayans all bundled up in the East Coast.

“When I work, I have my sando, my shirt, my polo shirt, my vest, and then I have my sweatshirt, my jacket and my winter coat – like seven,” said Gudin Buhay, from Lanham, MD. “When I first came here, my first wish was to see the snow. Now, sorry to say, but I hate snow.”

“Double glove, everything is double,” said Lea Ventury, from New Jersey. “You need to adjust yourself, kasi mag bo-blower ka pa, pag naligo ka.”

USPS mailman Leo Celino says rain or snow can’t stop him from delivering the mail.

“Mahirap, pero kailangan gawin,” said Celino. “Kailangan kumita ng pera, yan ang trabaho ko.”

Nurses from RN Express, a nurse staffing company in New York, says there are ways to protect oneself from getting sick during extreme cold weather conditions.

“Number one dyan – flu shots yun ang pinaka number one,” said Agnes Torres, of RN Express. “Yung mga health worker dapat hindi na sila pumapasok kung nararamdaman nila na may mga symptoms na ng flu.”

“You have to anticipate,” said Carmelita Camacho, a nurse from Lakewood, NJ. “Dapat meron kayo pine-prepare na extra jackets, extra coat para paglabas mo sa work, well protected ka.”

Temperatures in New York and New Jersey will remain in the mid-30s this week, while the South and Midwest is getting another dose of the big chill.

Weather experts say a good chunk of the US is expected to get another wave of unseasonably cold weather this week – just don’t call it polar vortex.

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