Duterte recalls Philippine ambassadors and consulates to Canada following garbage issue

VANCOUVER, BC — The Philippine Ambassador to Canada has returned to the Philippines following a recall order issued by President Duterte on Canada’s failure to ship back garbage stuck in Manila.

Some kababayans are worried about how this will affect for Pinoys in Canada.

It was business as usual at the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver — a day after President Rodrigo Duterte recalled the country’s Ambassador and Consuls to Canada.

Staff confirmed to Balitang America that consular services will continue.

Some kababayans, however, shared their shock over Duterte’s recall order — with other problems in the Philippines, including fraud issues hounding the recent midterm polls.

This kababayan from Alberta is worried.

While he understands Duterte wants a solution to the garbage issue, he is concerned on the effect of his order on Filipinos in Canada.

Tinig Pinoy host Regina Sosing from Ottawa has been following the issue, and knows both governments have been working to resolve it.

“I think Kababayans extremely worried not particularly on services from PH Embassy of course, worried more on what it means for Filipinos in Canada. We are in the midst of preparing for PH Heritage month, first time PH is given an honor by the Cdn govt to have the entire month of June as Heritage month and we all have huge celebrations planned, and then this comes about. What happened? Does it warrant the recall of the PH Ambassador?”

Philippine Ambassador to Canada Petronila Garcia and Consul Generals were ordered to return to the Philippines after Canada failed to meet the May 15 deadline to ship back its garbage rotting in Manila.

The Philippine government says it will maintain a diminished diplomatic presence in Canada until its own garbage is on its way back to the country.

Canada meantime is disappointed with the Philippine’s decision.

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