Dr. Maya Angelou’s Pinoy florist remembers poet as welcoming, warm

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

May 30, 2014

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY – Every Christmas without fail, iconic poet, actress and civil rights activist Maya Angelou had entrusted her holiday decorations to a Filipino florist in New York’s Upper East Side.

Dennis Josue, co-owner of Fantasia Floral Design, has been decorating Dr. Angelou’s Harlem home since 1998.

The Bicol native says, a friend who works at Bloomingdale’s introduced him to Angelou.

“He asked me do you want to do the Christmas decorations for Maya Angelou?” Josue said. “I said oh ok, it would be an honor for me do to it because I know Maya Angelou is an icon.”

The Pinoy florist says he will never forget meeting the Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee for the first time.

“She looked at me and then said hello,” Josue said.

“When she asked me, ‘Where are you from?’, I said from the Philippines,” Joseu recalled. “The only thing that she said, ‘Oh I love Filipinos,’ – you can see in her eyes, I mean right in front of me when she said that, I felt wow, I’m accepted.”

From 15-foot fresh Christmas trees to holiday garlands in her kitchen, Josue said Angelou was impressed with their very first design that she had called for their service every time.

“She wanted to be more whimsical because that’s where they gather. So one Christmas I decided to do all ginger bread men like hanging them all the way to the mantel piece and she loved it,” he said.

Josue designed floral arrangements for the likes of music legend Elton John (AIDA’s cast party), fashion mogul Josie Natori, and former owner of American Idol, millionaire Robert Sillerman. He said that working with the international icon was like working for a friend.

Josue said, “She’s a very gentle woman. I think her disposition is more like, you know, welcoming, warm, and inviting and she always [had] a smile on her face.”

When Dr. Angelou died in her sleep at her Winston-Salem home last Wednesday, Josue said he felt he lost a friend.
For him Dr. Angelou’s legacy is her poetry.

“The poems that she wrote [were] very powerful. When you read about the poems it just strikes into your heart, very powerful,” Josue said.

This coming Christmas, Josue says he is creating a special tree in honor of Dr. Marguerite Annie Johnson popularly known as Dr. Maya Angelou.

“I would like to do a Christmas tree of all her books in the Christmas tree. That’s all that I want to do,” he said.

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