Dr. Margic Holmes gives LA Pinoys sex-ed talk

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

August 13, 2013

LOS ANGELES–It was part relationship advice, part sexual education, but it was all laughs as renowned Philippine sex therapist Margie Holmes and her husband Jeremy Baer visited the Los Angeles Filipino community for a book tour.

The psychologist tackled many of the problems facing the Philippines which is 81-percent Catholic.
She says one of the biggest epidemics extra marital affairs which she focuses on in her latest book, Love Triangles.
“Love triangles seem very common not only among overseas workers but among anyone. It’s like clinical depression it hits across all economic strata, all levels of education all levels of mental health,” explained Dr. Holmes.

While she entertained the crowd’s sometimes X-rated questions, she also shared her advocacies for gay rights and the Reproductive Health Law which is currently suspended.
“I read so many letters from young homosexual men who were actually considering suicide simy because they cannot accept the fact they were gay now of our society were more open about this, even gave these Filipinos a chance to talk to their parents which is helpful maybe they wouldn’t feel in such dire straits,” she recalled.

While her latest book focuses on mistresses involved in love triangles the raunchy but scholarly husband and wife team hope to follow it up with another book that focuses on the children and wives involved in extra marital affairs.

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