Dr. Jane Sanders: “Filipinos are the third largest Asian community, and we need to pay attention to that”

Bernie Sanders’ wife says husband will pay attention to the needs of the Filipino community

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has tightened his grip as a frontrunner in the race to find a challenger to President Donald Trump.

His supporters in Houston cheered him on — as news of Sanders’ victory at the Nevada caucuses came in.

With 96-percent of precincts reporting – the Vermont senator has 46-point-8 percent of state delegates.

Back at a campaign outreach in California, Sanders’ wife, Dr. Jane Sanders, said that despite the polarization on the campaign trail — she believes the Democratic party will unite behind the frontrunner, and she hopes it will be her husband.

“Anybody who knows him knows that, as a senator, he was chosen by his peers to lead the veterans committee to lead the budget committee, and then eventually to be in leadership in the senate. So he’s had to work as an independent. He’s had to work with people of all different stripes all the time, and he’s brought conservatives and progressives and moderates together around the issues that matter.”

Sanders shared what she envisioned her priorities would be as the possible First Lady.

“The focus would be to improve the quality of life of the working families of America, and the end to increase the standard of living and decrease the income inequality. So that means it’s a wide, wide berth. We would be talking about education about child care about health care, but mainly trying to make sure the voices of the people are heard.”

Sanders said she and her husband has not forgotten about the Filipino community.

“The Filipino population is really not heard from in our government. We don’t hear much about you. You’re the third largest Asian community, and we really need to pay attention to that. And I know one of the things that I really respect is the commitment to family and the extended family. And so Bernie’s Medicare-For-All, healthcare would be, I think, essentially, I think would be important to the Filipino community, because it increases, it expands Medicare to include dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, and most importantly, home health care.”

“I know many Filipino nurses, and there are a lot of people involved in just the health professionals that there are in your community. And I want to listen to you and find out what might be how could we be doing it better and inform our decision-making.”

The Democratic candidates are already preparing for the South Carolina primary on February 29th.

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