Dozens still unaccounted for in Mexico Beach in the wake of Hurricane Michael

In Mexico Beach, Florida — hardest hit by the powerful Hurricane Michael — where search crews are still hard at work looking for missing residents.

Up to 35 people are still nowhere to be found, according to authorities — as they continue to go through heavy rubble to look for them.

The category 4 hurricane killed at least 18 people in four states. With dozens still missing, authorities fear that death toll could rise.

More than 230,000 are still without power as of Oct. 15.

Residents in the hardest-hit areas are relying on air-dropped food and water to survive.

Filipinos in the area have also participated in community-led efforts to raise money and help those affected by Hurricane Michael.


Fulfilling his promise last week, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have arrived in Florida to assess the damage in the state in the wake of hurricane Michael.

The Trump’s landed at Eglin Air Force base near Valparaiso. They intended to meet with law enforcement and government officials leading recovery efforts, especially in hardest-hit areas, and make sure victims are getting the help they need.

“We’ve gotten water out, food out. We all together, we had search and rescue teams the night hurricane going to communities to save lives. Our, coast guard did missions at night saving lives. They saved a lot of peoples’ lives. Everybody’s worked together, national guard, highway patrol,” said Gov. Rick Scott.

Following their visit to Florida, the president and the first lady are also assessing hurricane damage in nearby Georgia.

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