DOT promotes the Philippine islands at Grand Central Terminal

NEW YORK CITY — For the first time, a Philippine exhibit was mounted at the historic Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

“Explore Island Philippines Expo” aims to promote the country as a premier tourism and investment destination in an international stage, such as the Big Apple.

The Expo at the Vanderbilt Hall showcases some of the Philippines’ best.

“For 4 days, we’ll showcase the best of the Philippines in this iconic grand central terminal, a US historical landmark by the skin of its teeth, thank you Jackie Kennedy, one of the world’s most visited attractions,” said Teddy Boy Locsin Jr., Philippine ambassador to the UN.

More than 20 million people from all over the world visit the grand central station yearly – that’s about 700,000 people passing through this travel hub of trains and subways every day.

Organizers believe they could tap these travelers to visit or invest in the country.

“They can actually see the Explore Islands Philippines, who knows there be more investments, just today you saw the deputy of governor wanting to try to go and invests in the Philippines,” said Edwin Josue.

Lending her voice to promote the islands is her royal highness Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia and Serbia — the president of the guild of travel and tourism in England.

“The Philippines is a fabulous destination to go to, they got fabulous designers, they got beautiful beaches, they’ve got so many good things about the Philippines,” she said. “But if I list everyone I will be here until next year.”

Tourism promotions board President Cesar Montano says that now that Boracay is closed for 6 months – it’s a good time to promote the 7,640 other islands in the homeland.

“Dahil dito sa New York, dahil dito naka sentro lahat ng mga turista sa buong mundo, sa buong mundo so, this is the best place to do this,” said Montano.

Meanwhile, efforts of the tourism department to promote the Philippines in New York has been marred by protests and vandalism.

Protesters said people also need to be aware of the human rights violations allegedly committed under the Duterte administration before they take a trip to the Philippines.

Explore Islands Philippines is free to the public, and the exhibition runs until May 12 in the Vanderbilt Hall at the Grand Central Station from 9 am to 6 pm daily.

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