Donaire clarifies: I won't help train Rios vs Pacquiao

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North American News Bureau

July 23, 2013
LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Three days after the birth of Nonito Donaire Jr.’s first born son, Jarel Michael, the Donaires are now back in their Las Vegas home and savors every moment with their baby.

“She (Rachel) is awake when they were doing the procedure, the C-section so, the first thing we did when he cried, we just looked at each other and in my head I was saying, that’s our baby! And I was able to hold him, so fragile so little,” Nonito said.

Nonito is a hands-on dad. He is well-trained in changing baby diapers, and putting baby Jarel to sleep. The boxer said he is also ready for sleepless nights ahead and that this is all a part of being a first time daddy.

“He is a great dad he wants to do everything, if he had a breast he would feed him! He is always doing everything,” Nonito’s mother-in-law, Rebeca, said.

Nonito added that he is hoping to have at least three more babies after baby Jarel with his wife Rachel.

Meanwhile, Nonito clarified that just because he shares the same coach as Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming opponent Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios doesn’t mean he’s is rooting for the Mexican.

“Kase sabi ni [coach] Robert [Garcia] dun daw ako mag te-training [sa Oxnard] or baka minsan magsasabay or will be training the same time kami, (Coach Robert Garcia said we will both train in Oxnard so there may be times that we would both be there,)” he said.

Nonito said that with the upcoming Pacquiao-Rios fight in November, Pacquiao has the edge as the fighting congressman’s speed will help him prevail.

“Pacquiao has the power, has the edge and speed. What he needs is stamina because Bam Bam won’t stop,” Nonito said.

Nonito is set to meet with his manager and Top Rank promotions this week, to schedule a possible fight this year.

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