Does President Trump’s memorandum victimize green card-holders and low-income immigrants?

President Donald Trump’s latest directive, a memorandum, instructs agencies to enforce a 1996 law requiring green-card holder sponsors to pay back the government for using social services. He says the move is to protect benefits for American citizens.

Many advocates say this move is seen as a crackdown on illegal immigration, while political strategists say the United States gets more from immigrants than they take.

Read more about the presidential memorandum, what it entails and how it affects immigrant communities here:

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  • Mario
    28 May 2019 at 8:53 pm - Reply

    This is a Bill Clinton Law, Trump is just enforcing it, I am an immigrant, I pay my Taxes, why should I pay, feed,house,and give welfare money for those LAZY immigrants. They have Green Card already,they should apply for work. Let the PRINCIPAL(person who petitioned them) will pay back the money collected from the Government social services. After court hearing, the Government can GARNISHED his pay check. . The petitionaire SIGNED the affidavit of Support, telling the Government that he is financially responsible to the new immigrant.

  • Tiago Del Mundo
    29 May 2019 at 2:17 am - Reply

    Be it advocates or political strategist, they are not so far from any misleading Democrats, says Marlyn Rogero (Supervisor @Ghirardeli). Last summer, she was paying her groceries at Food4Less, the lady in front of her who barely spoke English demands so many things about bagging her groceries in a certain. But Marlyn noticed the lady was wearing MK purse, brand name shirts & shorts but she handed over her EBT card for payment.

    Little Rick Astorga (not little Richard), had a girl friend who worked for six months, got let go, no plans to go back to work, but ended up receiving her EBT card because everybody in the family (hates work) has their own too! These are the perfect examples of immigrants (legal, illegal, indifferent) out there! If you deny them for this unearned entitlement, you’ll be called racist.

    How about these elderly couple who are being told by Medicare/Medical they are qualified because their income is over $50? It would be really nice to see any advocates or political strategist to help, but they’re no so concerned because their rating might drop. But the harsh reality is that advocates and strategist are shouting, crying,bitching, moaning and whining on behalf of illegal immigrants?