Documentary and comic book honors unsung WWII heroes, Filipino guerilla fighters

A documentary about real life young Filipino heroes during World War II is making its rounds in the film circuit. These young resistance fighters are inspiring the Fil-Am youth of today.

“Unsurrendered 2” is a story of how a bunch of young Filipino college students rose up and fought to defend the Philippines in WWII.

Filipinos as young as 18 turned into resistance fighters, by forming an underground army of more than 300,000 known as the Hunters ROTC guerillas.

They fought for a better future for the Philippines — but have remained the unsung heroes of WWII.

Filmmaker Miguel “Lucky” Guillermo says he is determined to tell the story of these young heroes through his 53-minute documentary called “Unsurrendered 2,” which has been screening around the Philippines, and now in the U.S.

Mark Teodosio is a Fil-Am comic artist and creator of the futuristic comic book, “The Realest Bayani,” the first comic Filipino street hero set in the year 2036.

Teodosio says real-life Filipino heroes, such as the Pinoy WWII guerillas, is what his comic book is all about.

While the documentary continues to make its rounds across the globe, Teodosio says, his comic book heroes will take on the last names of the real heroes of the ROTC guerillas to honor their contributions to the freedom and liberty we all now enjoy today.

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