DNC trying to boost voter participation among millennials

As the Democratic National Convention is held throughout this week, party leaders are trying to reach out to young people—a voting block that has historically lacked participation on election day.

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  • Mario
    19 August 2020 at 6:46 pm - Reply

    BABY BOOMERS(1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1980),MILLENNIALS(1981-1996)Generation Z(1997-present)Millennials are mostly SELFISH, they only think of themselves, mostly UNGRATEFUL to their parents who send them to College. But very smart, just a click of their fingers into the computer they can move the World. They were program by the Baby Boomers radical left teachers to become LIBERAL from Elem, HS, up to College. On 2016 Millennial voted HClinton=63%, TRUMP=37% yet won. They were frustrated, their IDOL HC was defeated by TRUMP, much more, TRUMP appointed 2 SCourt LIFETIME Justice 5-4 CONSERVATIVE for 35 yrs and 200 Lifetime JUDGEs in the Lower Court youngest is 36 yrs old. The Millennials knew the LIBERAL agenda is OVER. On 2020 COVID STIMULUS for $3.5T was released, the Gov’t found out that $2T was invested into the STOCK MKT.21% of the Millennials BOUGHT WBuffet Airline, Cruise Ships Stocks. Will the millennial vote for BIDEN or TRUMP? Millennial tasted the value of money, drive TESLA, wanted to become a Millionaire ASAP, TRUMP had proven, in just 3 years their 401K rises, US economy was the envy of the World. Understand that COVID brought down US economy, Millennial are confident TRUMP can bring back strong economy. Biden had been in Government for 50 years never had experience on stimulating the economy. As TRUMP said he was elected because of OBAMA-BIDEN failed economic policy.