DNC Closing Night: Biden pledges to unify in nomination acceptance speech

We bring you the highlights of the Democratic National Convention’s final night where former Vice President Joe Biden formally accepted the party’s presidential nomination with former rivals, and Democratic Fil-Am voters, rallying behind him.

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  • Mario
    21 August 2020 at 7:45 pm - Reply

    BIDEN recycle Clinton 2016 language in final DNC speech, shifted from HATE, angry to unity.DNC convention showed DEMS they love OBAMA policy. The message is if BIDEN wins we will go back to OBAMA failed policy. Biden acceptance speech in a TV audience from a podium set up in a stage of an empty theater. Joe is now officially the leader on his party, until Nov 3 election. Should his health can handle the campaign being 77 yrs old, ONE mistake if he stumbles on his delivery will END his Prez bid.DEMS objective on DNC convention is to spark turn out for BLACK Voters, but not impress on Biden, TRUMP poll rating on Black went up to 37%. Take note; TRUMP won at 8%, Romney loses at 6%. History tells us, BLACK voted 95% Dems for 75 years. TRUMP at 37% from Black is DANGEROUS to DEMS PARTY. It means permanent 30% Black votes for GOP means NO more DEMS Prez will be elected. That is the reason KH was chosen as VP being BLACK but it backfires, she is Asian Amer Black. HATE on TRUMP, also backfire. After BIDEN acceptance speech gets 21% LOWER rating than HC in 2016, 38% lower than TRUMP.