DMV, LAPD holds forum over driver licenses for undocumented

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

July 17, 2014

LOS ANGELES – While it was a predominantly Latino forum, people here talked about the most visible undocumented immigrant in America — Filipino Jose Antonio Vargas who was recently detained and released for further immigration proceedings in the border town of McAllen, Texas.

But while some border towns like Texas have beefed up security against immigrants who are in the US illegally, California is gearing up to help the undocumented.

“As a state I think we recognize we have such a significant immigrant population that we have to integrate folks into our society in making sure they’re prepared to drive safely on our roads,” said Rita Medina, policy advocate for Coalition for Humane Immigration Reform of Los Angeles. “But you look at a place like Texas which also has a really significant immigrant population and they should be doing those things. It’s really really unfortunate to see things that are happening at the border.”

Last night, California officials joined the undocumented who may soon become legal drivers in a round table discussion regarding the upcoming AB60, which will give undocumented immigrants drivers licenses.

The Department of Motor Vehicles, Mexican Consulate, the Los Angeles Police Department and other officials addressed the concerns of some community members, many of them undocumented immigrants with plans to apply for the special driving permits.

Advocates estimate that as many as a half a million undocumented Californians will be able to apply for the licenses which will begin next year…

“We’re going to have a flood of people that’s going to apply,” Medina said. “But it’s important to know what documents are going to be needed to apply, when they can start making appointments, which will be towards the end of the year because you have to have an appointment to go into the DMV.”

The DMV is expected to release the final versions of the requirements and procedures for AB60 in the coming months.

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  • filam
    19 July 2014 at 7:34 am - Reply

    how can this be good for the average American? majority of them will not buy car insurance.

  • JRB
    20 July 2014 at 11:45 am - Reply

    California is gearing up to help the undocumented? Guess what if I was driving in California and got bang up by a undocumented, and has a special driving permit? And he or she ran away back to his country? That’s stupid how can you give a person that don’t belong in America a permit to drive a car? California your “BRAIN.” is in your “ASS.” That’s why California has the most undocumented people because your stae help this “STUPID PEOPLE.” That’s what happen when you don’t have ant brains?

  • JRB
    20 July 2014 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    I forget to say is that California stop making money off the undocumented by giving them driver license? How about help America by throwing all undocumented out of your state? No I.D. no welfare help, can’t rent a house? That’s the way to go by getting this illegal people out of America?