DJs Bella Fiasco and Kronika to bring good vibes as part of LA Grand Park’s “Sunday Sessions”

LOS ANGELES — After months of pandemic lockdowns, and weeks of racial tensions, a pair of Fil-Am DJs, Bella Fiasco and Kronika, hope to bring some good vibes as part of Los Angeles’ Grand Park’s new season of Sunday sessions.

“We need music right now, you don’t know how much of a difference this makes — and just seeing the love and unity that it brings people, I’m always at a loss for words when I got love and appreciation for something like playing music, because it really does bring people together it makes a difference.”

Throughout the summer, the Grand Park hosts music festivals, highlighting the diverse cultures of Los Angeles.

These Fil-Am female DJs are set to kick off the Sunday Sessions this year, but with the coronavirus pandemic still prohibiting large gatherings, these artists will have to spin from home.

“It’s always about inclusivity, and we’ve done a lot of events where it’s focused on female DJs or women of color. I’m lucky enough to say in la we are in a pocket that is very welcoming to that movement. This is just an extra push to that and there will be people tuning in from all over the world.”

Joining Bella Fiasco and Kronika in this 6-hour long virtual party, will be African American DJs Storm and DJ Sunga Shay — and they hope to highlight Asian solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Having this platform is kind of our bridge which is to connect with people around us and people who are concerned about what’s happening around us.”

The party will kick off at 2pm on Sunday, June 14 and will last until 8pm on Grand Park’s social media channels.

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