Disgruntled Fil-Am clients accuse shuttered Hawaii travel agency of scams

HONOLULU, HI — House of Aloha, a Hawaii-based travel agency, has permanently been closed following allegations that owner Wendy Wong scammed numerous clients.

Some of her alleged victims are Filipino Americans who said they lost hundreds of thousands.

Johnny Phan accused Wong on social media that she robbed him, his family and friends out of $100,000 — after she failed to book their trip to Maui — and never received a refund.

Other victims began to share how they too were scammed by Wong and regretted doing business with her.

ABS-CBN News spoke to Sylvia Castillo on the phone who said Wong tried to blame the airline — when Castillo found out that there was no Maui trip for her and her boyfriend.

“She tried to turn it onto them saying that they were the problem and that it was an isolated incident and that I had nothing to worry about.”

ABS-CBN News also conducted a phone interview with Allison Joy Rondez, who said that their Disneyland trip was ruined because some in her group were not booked by Wong.

“It’s just been a mess to see how many people that she’s frauded along the way. It’s disgusting.”

ABS-CBN News tried to get a comment from Wong – but she never responded.

In her only media statement via ABC7 News – Wong said her business was doing fine in the last few years – but admitted that her clients have been affected from June onwards for reasons she didn’t disclose.

“At this point, I think she owes everyone an apology and she needs to come up forward for the things that she’s done and if she’s in trouble, she shouldn’t trick other people to help solve her problems because it’s only going to get her into a deeper hole.”

Wong is not a licensed travel agent according to the state business registration records. Records showed that she also filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014 with a debt of nearly $200,000.

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