Disapproval in NJ over Christie’s endorsement of Trump

TRENTON, N.J. – Donald Trump’s supporters not only love him back, but their loyalty to the GOP front runner is unquestionable.

A recent CNN poll shows that 78 percent of the so-called “Trumpeters” (Trump’s followers) say they will definitely support him. Only 57 percent of those supporting Trump’s rivals say they are just as committed.

“I am a hundred percent for Trump,” said Trump supporter Eric Zikos. “I mean even if his whole entire goal and his entire result is the destruction of the current GOP establishment, he’ll still have my vote. They don’t represent me.”

One loyal and controversial Trump supporter is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

His recent pledge of support to Donald Trump became a Saturday Night Live’s comedy sketch that has gone viral.

Portrayed by actor Darrell Hamond, ‘Trump’ says “I mean everyone loves me–racists, ugly racists, people who don’t even know they’re racists, people whose eyes are like this, and this guy loves me, don’t you?”

Thanks to Christie’s endorsement and appearances with the billionaire GOP frontrunner’s campaigns, six New Jersey newspapers issued a joint editorial calling for the governor’s resignation.

Citing his long neglect of the state, reports say Christie spent 261 (full or partial) days out of New Jersey in 2015 alone, and they’re fed up with his out-of-state travels on taxpayer’s money, stumping for Trump.

In a recent press conference at the state Capitol, Christie clarified that he is not a full-time Trump surrogate.

“I’m here, I’m back to work,” said Christie. “I’ve been back 22 days since the Presidential campaign. I’ve bene here 19 of the 22 days at work. Will there be occasions where I’ll go out on the campaign trail for Donald Trump? Yeah, but that will be on occasion.”

Meanwhile, some other state officials disapprove of Christie’s support for Trump.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D) said she has not agreed with what Christie has stood up for.

“His inability to speak up on the kind of racist and gender-biased language that we heard from the man he is supporting, I find very disconcerting,” said Weinberg.

New Jersey Sen. Nellie Pou said people need to be more careful with who they support.

“I can tell you that I would absolutely would not want to be someone that would be looking to have a president of the United States that speaks in the manner that Mr. Trump does,” said Pou.

Governor Christie promises to finish his term until Jan. 2018.


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