Did Trump’s acceptance speech hit the right marks for Fil-Am Republicans?

President Donald Trump delivered a 70-minute acceptance speech during the RNC finale. But did his extended address hit all the marks that Fil-Am voters wanted to hear? TJ Manotoc speaks to a pair of Fil-Am Republican leaders who weigh in.

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  • Mario
    30 August 2020 at 12:43 pm - Reply

    RNC Convention was designed to improve TRUMP votes based on the 2016 election result of 306-227(electoral votes). One of their comparables is RACE: ASIAN=65%(HC)-29%(T), BLACK=88%(HC)-8%(T), LATINO=65%(HC)-29%(T), WHITE=37%(HC)-58%(T),Other RACE=56%(HC)-37%(T). ASIAN speakers AG REYES of UTAH to get PINOY votes, Catholic hates BABY KILLERS(abortion), Pinoys remain TRUMP voters. Chinese for Biden, INDIAN 50:50 due to 1M work visa for Google, Viets remain 100% Trump, TRUMP to maintain 29% ASIAN means re-elected. TRUMP broke the Black CODE: Opportunity Zone(OZ), during election DEMS, visit the OZ(depressed area) feed the black with Ice Cream and lollipops will vote 95%Dems for 100 years. Today, Fried Chicken did not work, TRUMP poll went up to 40%. If TRUMP gets 20% it is a landslide. TRUMP invested $2B on OZ, now the return on investment is $75B in the form of business jobs for the Blk community. LATINOS are mostly Catholic, Border wall stops illegal Latino that steals their jobs, a vote for Trump, WHITE=White Evangelical, Trump focus on Veterans, soldiers, Farm, Agri-Poultry, Big- Small business owner TRUMP maintain 58% or more votes. Other Race: 50:50.After Richard Grenell’s speech, former Amb. of Germany, GAY Votes soar, shocked GOP.