Dick’s Sporting Goods ends sale of assault-style rifles, raises minimum age for gun sales

PARKLAND, FL — The nation’s largest sporting goods retailer took to Twitter with a bold move. Dick’s Sporting Goods will stop selling assault-style rifles, also known as modern sporting rifles, in all of its stores immediately.


Dick’s had already removed the rifles from their stores after the Sandy Hook school shooting, but they are now removing them from sale at all 35 field and stream stores.

The retail giant will also raise the minimum age for all gun sales to 21 and will no longer sell high-capacity magazines as well.

The store also tweeted that Dick’s never has and will never sell bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons fire more rapidly.

“It’s not clear how much money Dick’s could lose in firearms sales after this bold move, but the company believes it is the right thing to do.”

In a media statement, chairman and CEO Edward Stack made it clear that this big move was in direct response to the Parkland, Florida students’ call for a ban on assault-style weapons, saying, “If the kids in Parkland are being brave enough to stand up and do this, we can be brave enough to stand up with them.”

The store is also imploring elected officials to follow suit, and enact common sense gun reform.

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders confirms the president is keeping his promise to the school shooting victims, and he recently met them at a listening session.


“The president still supports raising the age limit to 21 for the purchase of certain firearms,” said Sanders. “We expect to have some specific policy proposals later this week.”


This Filipino says she’ll believe it when a gun bill has been signed into law.


“Nowadays what’s happening, they know what’s the problem, they sit down for 1 or 2 minutes, but hey, never really put pressure and put force on the action, so that’s the saddest part right now,” said Aileen Doyle.


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  • Mario
    1 March 2018 at 1:54 am - Reply

    To see is to believe, watch youtube; “President Trump meet with bipartisan members of Congress” .Open forum meeting, live TV on 2-28-18,for all of us to see and hear so many ideas were talked about..I am so amazed how Trump call them by first name on the Dem and GOP participants. They were talking about 60 votes needed to pass a legislation. The legislature is 51 GOP vs 49 Dems. Trump said he wishes that more Dems votes will come to pass a bill.