DHS Secretary visits LA, Pinoys upset over stalled TPS

LOS ANGELES – As the days for deferred action draws near, immigrants and their advocates filled the Los Angeles central library to see the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, one of the authors of the order that will help spare an estimated four million undocumented immigrants from deportation while gaining work and travel permits.

The secretary personally invited undocumented Angelenos to take part in the program.

“I signed it and authorized it and created that program with a pen exactly like this, and ma’am, I’d like you to fill up your application with this pen,” Johnson told one undocumented worker as he gave her one of his own felt tipped pens in a heartfelt moment.

Los Angeles is expected to have one of the largest concentrations of beneficiaries. The city is urging residents to sign up, offering aid at local city offices.

“Los Angeles 2015 is like Selma 1965; it’s like Delano 1965; it’s like Massachusetts in 2004. Those moments when civil rights moved forward. (sic) That’s what’s happening here in Los Angeles — 550,000 and I call them this: Americans, who want to see their pathway towards integration in this great country,” said LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

While immigrant communities prepare for the executive orders on immigration, Filipino immigrant rights advocates have had a burning question for Secretary Johnson when it comes to aid specifically for Filipinos.

During a question and answer period with the media, community leader Art Garcia raised the question on temporary protected status or TPS for Filipino workers. TPS would grant immigration relief to Filipinos in the wake of recent natural disasters in the Philippines.

“Why has the Obama government not yet approved temporary protected status for the Philippines?” Garcia asked.

“It’s something we’re considering, sir,” Johnson answered.

It’s something here we have been on record in support of,” added Mayor Garcetti.

Filipinos were not satisfied with the secretary’s response. “It’s 461 days. This was endorsed by both parties. Still we get the same answer — still under consideration. I’m not a happy camper today,” said activist Dondi Monzon of the Pilipino Workers Center.

But with or without TPS, the Filipino community and the city will push through with the president’s executive order.

Meanwhile, the Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, the extended version of the DACA, will begin in May.

You can contact Steve Angeles at steve_angeles@abs-cbn.com for more information.

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  • noz
    16 February 2015 at 7:42 pm - Reply

    what a ridiculous, disgusting move of obobo’s countless far out lefty tentacles, like this dhs secretary represent. spending the hardworking taxpayers dollars to rescue the ILLEGAL aliens, looking out for every single outlaws to be amnestied, while the 92million silenced by broadened freebies funded by money pool of the hardworking taxpayers, the ill informed, propaganda victim likely american voters, all were taken to the cleaners, believing obobo’s illegal aliens amnesty executive order is the right thing to do / best for america. obobo’s illegal aliens amnesty executive order is assaulting the constitution. reasonable americans wonder why the heck people in general are allowing such destruction of the constitution – the answer i repeat is the i/3 of the populous are on welfare, and likely another 1/3 of the populous are poorly informed, indoctrinated with obobo’s propagandas, as well as the breed of americans living are totally un-american, hate what america stands for, dying to change america’s cultures. the builders of what made america the envy of the world are all gone, rolling in their graves with the slowly, but surely ripping down america all started by obobo.

    pelosi is into the fallacy, suffering from delusion is one of obobo’s commie tentacles. pelosi was counter talking big lies the elephants are ANTI IMMIGRANT, by their plans of defunding obobo’s illegal alien amnesty executive order. the GOP plans to defund obobo’s illegal alien amnesty executive order is to defend the constitution / to save america from destruction. you all see, the on going talk / writing of pinocchio pelosi are built on deceiving the public with her ANTI-IMMIGRANT bullcrap, instead of telling the truth, the GOP is anti-ILLEGAL immigrant, yes pelosi is malicious, did not say ILLEGAL, to make the elephants look the baddest on immigration issues. the fact is the elephants are into LEGAL IMMIGRATION with over a million legal aliens entering the USA annually, and in support of those aliens from all over the world applying legally to migrate to america. the deviousness of the demonicraps are in full force lying, tricking the public to win the majority with their endless dirty political ploy. americans must be mindful of what’s going on as constituents. sadly, the growing constituents of the donkey demonicraps are the freeloaders, welfare recipients, the illegal aliens hispanic, et al supporters / advocators, the gays with their fights for same sex marriage is equal or the same as the marriage between a man / a woman, the pro GOD less, who are anti christ, consistently on siege of the christmas holiday, by demanding the generic happy holiday, instead of Merry Christmas saying its too offensive for them as atheist, the pro abortions, the pro single parenting, mostly women, that its okay to have kids without fathers present or have kids impregnated by different father. obobo’s message is we will raise your kids. per killery – it takes a village to raise a child, what a wacko wannabe first woman POTUS. she does not even have a common sense, that it takes a father / a mother to raise a normal child. so how could this without common sense, big fat liar woman wanting to become POTUS, whose political records are not only mediocre, but mostly poor with blood on her hands, spells DISASTER if ever she gets elected as POTUS.

  • Delia
    16 February 2015 at 8:40 pm - Reply

    GOP needs to Defund the DHS: grant a $1000 bounty for an illegal dead, or $500 for an illegal alive. Patriots will do the rest. Or Just Cut off all DHS funding that could be used to support Obama’s amnesty with language as explicit as possible, which includes expressly prohibiting shifting money from other DHS programs.

  • Delia
    17 February 2015 at 8:10 am - Reply

    Go Home ! All you puke illegal criminal invaders . Go home and do something for your country .

    Congress won’t fund it and the Federal Courts say it is against the law .Start processing deportation immediately . That makes obama in contempt of a Federal Court ruling not deporting them-immediately. Put him in Leavenworth until he complies with the injunction-it’s the law.

    Obuma has not done one thing for the good of the US citizens and tax payers, since the day he slithered into office. How does rewarding these thieves our tax dollars for committing crimes by just being here (proposed tax credits in the EA), benefit the US tax payers. This is as empty as Obuma’s logic that further burdening the US tax payers for the crimes of others .

    Do these fools ever think about what they are saying or do just hope the LIB bobble heads will sing their praises without given a thought to near and long term ramifications of loading more unskilled, most illiterate labor force, to an already miserable employment situation, that those of who are working will see our tax dollars spent on illegal activities?

    More than half the states in the country are involved in the lawsuit. This should set the precedent to overturn more illegal actions by 0bama, Since obama cannot make laws this is not the law of the land , this should be fought to the bitter end.

  • Enigma
    17 February 2015 at 9:40 am - Reply

    Let ’em demand! Now they have to deal with the fact that a federal court finds serious issues with the Obama illegal amnesty.
    Executive “action” executive “order” both singular and necessary when urgent. There was no sign of urgency .

    No action on solving the source of the problem! Because an executive order or action is singular in term, this order and action distorts into multiple orders, multiple actions contradicting any and all of this disorderly executive action.

    Violating constitutional protocol to undermine the constitution isn’t in the best interest of Americans. And morons like Piglosi, Reed, and that Moron on the Spanish speaking station who thinks these freeloaders are entitled to put tax dollars.

    • Delia
      17 February 2015 at 11:49 am - Reply

      What i do want to see is , O’DingleBarry and his entire administration should be residing at Leavenworth wearing orange jumpsuits. Followed by MASSIVE DEPORTATION TO THE ILLEGALS.