Pinoy Panawagan: DHS issues immigration memorandum

Atty. Lou Tancinco joins Balitang America via Skype to talk about the Department of Homeland Security’s memorandum about President Trump’s administration’s efforts to crack down on undocumented immigrants, and how this will impact the larger community.

“The political climate is so different from past years,” Atty. Lou says, “so immigration policies right now are so uncertain.”

Undocumented immigrants who are in the US for less than 2 years can now be quickly removed or deported, without the usual months-long court proceedings.

Previously, expedited deportations only affect those who arrived in the US within the past two weeks, and are within a hundred miles away from the border.

Realistically, the attorney says, mass deportation is “not feasible,” but they “will probably witness an increase in apprehension, and arrests of unauthorized immigrants.”

Kababayans are encouraged to be informed of your constitutional rights, and talk to qualified attorneys, so you can be aware of your legal options.

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