Despite spike in COVID-19 cases nationwide, VP Mike Pence says the U.S. has made progress in handling pandemic

Led by VP Mike Pence, the White House coronavirus task force held its first press briefing amid growing concerns brought about by drastic spikes in COVID-19 cases in states like Texas, Florida, California and Arizona.

“We believe we’ve made progress. But as we are reminded, as we see cases rising across the South, we still have work to do,” said Pence.

Surge in infections across the south and west have sent the number of confirmed new coronavirus infections per day in the U.S. to an all-time high of 40,000.

Some of the hardest-hit states like Texas, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas, have Republican governors who have resisted mandatory mask policies, largely echoing President Donald Trump’s desire to quickly reopen the economy.

But Texas and Florida have clamped down on some reopening efforts — reclosing bars and imposing more restrictions on business establishments.

While the surge in cases is believed to reflect expanded testings, experts believe there is enough evidence that the virus is making a comeback.

According to the Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus resource center, the U.S. continues to top global numbers with more than 2.4 million COVID-19 cases and over 124,700 deaths.

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  • Mario
    27 June 2020 at 12:25 am - Reply

    TOP 5 DEATH rate in the US (1) NY=31076 (2)NJ=15060 (3) Massachusset=8013 (4)ILLINOIS=7048 (5)Pennsylvania=6640. TOP 5 COVID MORTALITY RATE: (1)UK Cases=309K, Death=43K, 14% (2)MEXICO Cases=203K Death=25K 12.3% (3)SPAIN cases=247K Death 28K 11.4% (4) Ecuador Cases=53K Death=4K 8.2% (5) Indonesia Cases=50K Death 2K 5.2% (6)US cases 2.4M Death=124K CaseFatality=5.1% (13)PHilippines Cases=33K Death=1212 caseFatality=3.7% Latest news on COVID sudden rise of new cases mostly on Texas, Florida, CAlifornia and Arizona..59% of new cases are ages below 40 yrs. old, Millennials, 25%-over 80 yrs old mostly inside the carehomes. CDC admires the millennials, they voluntarily asked for testing together with their partner(boy/girlfriend). Millennial can not control SEX abstinence