Despite Duterte’s alleged crackdown on activists, Anakbayan USA continues to raise voices

LOS ANGELES — It was a gathering of youth activists in Los Angeles as 24 chapters of Anakbyan USA converged recently for their 3rd national Congress.


The Congress takes place every three years, and for this session, about 200 participants focused on the youth’s role in speaking up against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

By continuing to raise their voices, activists said they know there could be threats to their safety and well being.

Philippine Police have recently arrested a group of arts activists who’ve been accused of spray painting political messages on public properties.

Earlier this summer, the Philippine Justice department filed charges against nine activists including current and former party list lawmakers for allegedly recruiting minors to join their groups.

Last month, Chinese American activist Brandon Lee returned home to San Francisco after surviving what activists believe to be a political motivated assassination attempt.

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  • Tiago Del Mundo
    11 December 2019 at 2:16 am - Reply

    According to Tito Ding Cereso (Bay Area Pangalatok Association), the Anakbayan USA activist group are the descendants of the CPP-NPA of the Philippines. Although numerous amateur media outlets portrayed them as a group fighting for the truth, it is normally an exaggeration of nonsense driven by the brainwashing and misleading principles of the CPP-NPA. Tito Ding added, the media’s exaggerated claim of Brandon Lee’s shooting as politically motivated is grossly exaggerated and one-sided. According to GMA News (2019), Brandon Lee was working with the Ifugao Pheasant Movement in support of the New People’s Army, and various amateur and government hating groups have omitted this fact.

    Furthermore, Tito Ding asserted that the CPP-NPA continues to exist and give the government a migraine headache is because of the longstanding support from the Aquino’s (Rappler, 2013). Too make Filipinos a bunch of fools, amateur journalists should eat more rice or kamote…