Desert monsoon season slams through Arizona

Arizona was slammed by strong winds, dust, heavy rains, lightning, and thunderstorms last weekend as the monsoon continues in the Grand Canyon State.

Summer this year has been wet with a rainfall record of 1.5 inches through August 12 when normally, the average is 2.71 inches for the entire season, according to weather officials. Monsoon season started June 15 and will end on September 30th.

Damage to properties, uprooted trees, road accidents, power outages, and flash flooding may result from extreme weather conditions in the desert.

Fil-Am singer Jam Morales, known for her songs like “A Smile in Your Heart” and “Even If” had a first-hand experience of the monsoon. Morales was checked-in at the Talking Stick Resort Casino with her daughter and granddaughter last Saturday for a concert when they were awakened by firefighters banging on their door — they had to evacuate the building.

Morales said they had to take the stairs all the way from the 10th floor. She was evacuated safely and her concert went on successfully in Phoenix that night.

Meanwhile, city officials continue to advise valley motorists to “pull aside, stay alive” during the monsoon season by following their reminders.

If you encounter blowing dust or blowing sand on the roadway or see it approaching, pull off the road as far as possible and put your vehicle in park. Turn the lights all the way off and keep your foot off the brake pedal.

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