Democrats vow to protect and make healthcare affordable

“Let me just tell you what my message is. The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of healthcare.”

A pledge that President Donald Trump told reporters a day after his administration said the entire Affordable Care Act should be repealed.

Trump repeated on Wednesday morning at the Oval Office adding that his administration will have a far better plan than Obamacare.

In a letter sent to the 5th circuit court of appeals on Monday, the Justice Department attorneys said that a lower court’s ruling in Texas made in December that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional should be affirmed.

Democratic members of the House of Representatives, including Fil-Am Congressmen Bobby Scott of Virginia and TJ Cox of California, joined House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to unveil their plans to protect pre-existing conditions and make healthcare more affordable for Americans.

“It’s suffice to say, it will lower healthcare insurance premiums, stops junk plans, strengthens protections for pre-existing conditions, and reverses the GOP healthcare sabotage.”

“We cannot forget what the situation was before the affordable healthcare act passed. The cost was going through the roof, those with pre-existing conditions couldn’t get insurance, and the number of people with insurance was dropping everyday.”

During his town hall meeting on Sunday, Congressman Cox said one of his main concerns are the Medicare recipients.

“Most of the families in the 21st congressional district I represent rely on Medicaid for their healthcare access. Majority of veterans actually rely on Medicaid for their healthcare access. In cutting half of trillion dollars out of Medicare isn’t gonna help anyone. So those are issues we’re gonna fight against.”

Filipino Americans from Pennsylvania, including Dr. Aida Rivera, voted for Trump.

But they are still hoping the Trump administration could come up with a better plan, especially for small business owners.

Healthcare was one of the most important issues during the midterm elections in 2018. 50 percent of Asian American voters said it is an extremely important issue, according to a 2018 survey done by the Asian American Pacific Islander Organization. 98 percent of Filipinos said it’s important to have access to affordable and quality health care.

Meanwhile, Obamacare stays the same for now. The case will likely go through the courts and end up before the Supreme Court.

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  • Mario
    28 March 2019 at 6:27 am - Reply

    Trump campaign promise to repeal Obamacare,FAILED on the Senate for just ONE vote. John McCain voted NO, join the Democrat. It cost the country $1 Trillion to maintain Obamacare. There are 20M on Obamacare & 150M private health care insurance. Democrat have already prepared a replacement, MEDICARE FOR ALL, single payer, Gov’t control healthcare program include all illegal alien will be given free healthcare at taxpayers expense. The Republican has no plan ready to replace Obamacare,but because of Trump announcement, the GOP will be force to prepare a replacement.This Obamacare issue is a diversion for Trump to keep Democrat and GOP busy while he is silently preparing his TREASON charges on those who tried to unseat(Overthrow) him being a newly elected Prez.As Trump said Can not let this happen(RUSSIAGATE) to another Prez again,it should be fix now and there should be accountability.Investigation will begins on the FISA report that allow to wiretapped a Presidential candidate.Trump on the offensive, Mueller investigation gave him all the documents..