Democrats declare Hillary Clinton their presidential nominee

After more than two centuries, America has selected its first female presidential nominee of a major political party. Hillary Clinton says this, by far, has created the biggest crack in the glass ceiling. But while polls may reflect that America is ready for its first female president, factions within the Democratic party say otherwise. Paul Henson reports from Philadelphia.

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  • Ramon
    27 July 2016 at 5:41 pm - Reply


  • Enigma
    28 July 2016 at 9:48 am - Reply

    During three decades, the Clintons crime family ruled the liberal herd of cop killers, ISIS terrorist sympathizers of Black Panthers, communists, Black Lives matter thugs and Illegal refugees from the Middle East, including plenty of ISIS and al Qaida murderous terrorists. Hillary controls the DNC e-mails through her private secret servers which were hacked while they prove that DNC ruled by one ugly criminal and traitorous women Hillary who is getting rid of anyone who stands in her way to power, including trashing Bernie Sanders and now ousting Wasserman Shultz.

    This proves that DNC=Clinton Crime family which is supported by the evil Elite and reform corrupt billionaires Mike Bloomberg and George Soros who are using Hillary’s relations with the Mozlem brotherhood regimes to become even richer. The liberal media of crooks is controlled and financed by the Clinton Crime Family since the 1990’s while Hillary is getting money for her election campaign from the Saudi Prince through her Clinton Foundation which is used for her iron fist control of the NY Times, CNN, AP, ABC , Washington Post and others.

    It is clear that the evil liberal media of liars and crooks led by NY Times cannot say any word against the Clinton Crime Family or the ISIS Caliphate beheading of Christians and the Iranian nuke superpower crimes without losing their financing of the Mozlem brotherhood terrorist regimes that literally control America’s White House through the Clinton Crime Family’s conspiracy against the American people during three decades.

    Obama and Hillary sold their soul to the Jihadist Mozlem Brotherhood terrorists for money as the liberal media is getting money from the Mozlem Brotherhood terrorist regimes to fight for Clinton and against Donald Trump. Undoubtedly, the treasonous lying regime of Obama and Hillary Clinton hates this country and vowed to build new Jihadist Mozlem Brotherhood-communist world order over its ruins…so why would the Mozlem Brother scholar of Saudi Madrassa in Indonesia Obama who studied the sick ideology of ‘death to America’ and loved it, ever care about poll of 71% of Americans sick and tired of him and the Clinton Crime Family?

    Will the American people keep the criminal and traitorous and empty suite Hillary and the Clinton Crime Family ruling DNC and America through the Mozlem Brotherhood regime that are financing her liberal media led by the NY Times through another decade to bring America down to it knees?

  • Santiago Del Mundo
    31 July 2016 at 1:39 pm - Reply

    I just want to see Hillary and Sanders compete in the Dancing with the Stars Show…