Democratic presidential candidates make final arguments before Iowa Caucuses

DES MOINES, IA – In a town hall in Des Moines, Democratic presidential hopefuls made their final pitches to voters just a week before the Iowa caucuses.

“You have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter, somebody who has taken them on and won and kept going and will do that as President, that’s why I hope you’ll reconsider,” Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton remarked to an undecided voter.

“Experience is important, but judgment is also important,” Sanders said, “We need a political revolution, where millions of people stand up and say you know, that great government of ours belong to all of us, not just the few, that’s why I’m running for President, thank you.”

Former Governor Martin O’Malley stated,  “I am the only one of the three of us, who has a track record not of being a divider, but bringing people together to get meaningful things done.”

Clinton may still be leading in Iowa but she’s only ahead of Sanders by six percentage points, according to a new Fox News Survey.

The two democratic presidential candidates threw punches at each other – showing their contrasting views.

“I voted against the war in Iraq.” Sanders pointed out, “Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq.”

“I have a much longer history than one vote,” Clinton argued, “I think the American public has seen me exercising judgment in a lot of other ways, and in fact when that hard primary campaign was over and I went to work for Pres. Obama and he ended up asking me to because he trusted my judgment.”

Clinton took on some tough questions from Iowan caucus voters.

Taylor Gripple, an application developer said, “I’ve heard from quite a few people my age that they think you’re dishonest.”

“I have been on the front lines since I was your age! I have been fighting for kids and women and the people that have been left out and left behind a chance to make the most out of their own lives,” Clinton responded.

Sanders defended his democratic socialism label as well as his plans for single payer Medicare for All program. “The ideas I am talking about are not radical ideas,” Sanders said, “We may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health care premiums for individuals and for businesses.”

Meantime, O’Malley had this message for Iowan caucus goers. “Hold strong at your caucus because America is looking for a new leader.  America is scanning the horizon.  We can not be this fed up with our gridlocked, dysfunctional congress and think old ideologies are going to move us forward,” he said.

Iowans head to their caucuses on February 1.

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  • Enigma
    27 January 2016 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    Hillary is a lying, conniving, thieving , murdering criminal machine, married to a sex molester that was IMPEACHED while HE was in office . I don’t need her kind of trash anywhere but IN prison.

    Bernie Sanders is a DECLARED socialist/communist. He intends
    to turn the American people into the governments SLAVES. We will have NO
    rights. the government will tell you where you will work, what you will say,
    what your child is allowed to learn.

    Obama and Clinton are both crooks, and Bernie Sanders is a goose. So far O’Malley is kind a clean .