Democratic presidential candidates address impeachment inquiry during fifth debate

With the public impeachment hearings hogging most of the airspace in recent weeks, it was but expected to hear all the top 2020 contenders chime in on the inquiry into President Donald Trump during the 5th Democratic presidential debate — hosted by MSNBC and Washington Post.

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  • Mario
    22 November 2019 at 3:24 am - Reply

    The Democrat Impeachment debate, BACKFIRE, American turning against them. The 5th debate was the smallest rating only 6.5 Million viewership. Their Impeachment policy went into flame, sharp decline in support for Pelosi-Schiff Impeachment SCAM. The debate last night has a unifying message for the Democrat: they HATE TRUMP. No matter what the Democrat do, TRUMP the anointed one will be re-elected easily.