Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer reaches out to AAPI community to discuss immigration and Duterte

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer took time to specifically meet with the Asian and Pacific Islander press community in the San Francisco area.

“I’m running because I think the government’s been broken,” Steyer said. “It’s been purchased by corporations. I think that we’re not going to get the progressive policies that I think everybody wants, certainly every democrat wants in terms of affordable health care and quality public education, clean air and water, a living wage, an equal vote for people, unless we take back the government.”

As a San Francisco resident since 1986, Steyer said he understands that immigration has been a great concern for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

“My attitude is we need immigrants. We need their energy. What he’s doing in terms of people who are seeking asylum is both against international law and is a crime against humanity. I would stop that immediately. I am for DACA and DAPA, and TPS, I would redo ICE on day one. I’m for a comprehensive immigration reform, for people who are living here undocumented.”

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