Democratic lawmakers demand end to government shutdown

NEWARK, NJ — At least 52,000 TSA workers nationwide who have been working without pay during the federal government shutdown, because they are considered essential.

Another 400,000 federal employees have also been working without pay including 26,000 air traffic controllers.

More than 380 thousand workers have been furloughed.

“These are people’s lives that we’re dealing with. Everyone else just got done paying for Christmas and, and now there’s no money coming in.”

New Jersey Democratic lawmakers are calling on the president to end the shutdown, now on its 18th day.

Nine out of 15 federal departments, including the Transportation Security Administration, and dozens of agencies are closed, including those dealing with loans and grants for affordable housing, utilities, farmers and small businesses.

There have been reports of long lines at airports due to absences among security screeners. But the TSA said the callouts are typical for the holiday season.

“I worry about the security questions. You see the growing number of TSA agents who haven’t been showing up to work you create stress on the system these people are working incredibly hard. It’s a stressful job as it is. The monotony of it everyday to keep your focus and vision on it. Well if you’re worried that you’re not gonna get the next paycheck an in between one of the screenings just comes into your mind how I’m gonna make the mortgage, we don’t need that.”

Meanwhile, the union that represents aviation safety inspectors sent letters to lawmakers issuing an alarm. The prolonged shutdown the union said, would create a situation that could make flights less safe.

Democratic leaders have said that the ball is on Trump’s court.

“We gave 1.6 billion dollars towards border security. This is not about that we don’t believe on border security, we do. But just because the president said it’s 5 billion or nothing, it’s not the way to run the country and it is not the way to negotiate,” said NJ Sen. Bob Mendendez.

President Donald Trump is expected to continue to make his case that the wall is urgently needed to secure the US-Mexico border.

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  • Mario
    10 January 2019 at 4:12 am - Reply

    In 1990 GBush Sr built 13miles border and created Operation Blockade to prevent illegal Alien crossing ElPaso. 1994-Bill Clinton built a border barrier to stop Drugs and illegal alien,implemented Operation Gatekeeper for CA, Oper. Hold-over for Texas,Oper Safeguard for Arizona. 2006-GWBush implemented Secured Fence Act, Hillary Clinton voted for the 1st Fencing was built.2013-Obama, and Schumer created a bill for $8B for a total of $42B in securing the border wall.On Feb 2018 Trump Adm. 44Dems voted a $25B Border Wall. October 2018 Trump asked for $5.7B funding.Dec 2018 Trump shutdown the Govt if he cannot get $ 5.7B funding. Jan 9, 2018,Trump,Pelosi,Schumer met at the WH; Govt shut down will continue and Pelosi said Trump will never get the $5.7B funding.Since 1990 all POTUS promised a border Wall and Trump will attempt to break the record for being the 1st POTUS who deliver a campaign promise a Border Wall. Watch YOUTUBE:”KIM CLEMENT PROPHECY 2007″ wall of protection will be built.We will see how a miracle will happen.