Democrat TJ Cox pulls ahead David Valadao in CA District 21 congressional race

A stunning turn of events in the congressional race between Filipino-American Democrat TJ Cox and Republican representative David Valadao to represent California’s 21st district.

On Election night, Cox trailed by about 5,000 votes — more than 7 percentage points — and Valadao declared victory, with major news outlets calling the race in his favor.

But as the count continued in the days that followed, the margin became slimmer.

And on Monday night, Cox actually pulled ahead of Valadao by over 400 votes.

The momentum could still change with thousands of votes left to count in the counties that fall in the district, including the San Joaquin Valley.

But if the current margins in those counties hold, Xox could emerge victorious by a small lead.

Cox released a statement, saying, “Together, we are bringing the decency, integrity, and common sense of the people back to Congress.”

Cox’s race is one of only two congressional races left to be called in the midterms.

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